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Income from the Land Use Change Tax for Seven New Hampshire Towns, 1995 - 2000, By Cynthia L. Belowski. 12/2002. 88K. Download this.

Land Use Change Tax Incomes From Ten Selected New Hampshire Towns, 1988 - 1994. By Charles A Levesque, Innovative Natural Resource Solutions.
Adobe Acrobat Format, 124K Download this.

Current Use Practices In New Hampshire, by Kara L. Eddy, MBA; Andrew E. Smith, Ph.D; University of New Hampshire Survey Center, August 01, 2001.
Adobe Acrobat Format, 132K Download this.

Pan Atlantic-SMS Group Current Use survey- September 2007. Download this.

State of New Hampshire -Department of Revenue Administration (2006) Current Use Report- Acreage, Percentages & Other Stats. download here. (Excel report)

State of New Hampshire -Department of Revenue Administration (2007) Current Use Report- Acreage, Percentages & Other Stats (Excel report) Download here


Fields in Lakeport, NH running down to the lake. Photo courtesy of Donna Robie.



Glossary of Current Use Terms

Click here for an extensive glossary containing definitions for common Current Use terms.


  • Current Use Criteria Booklet. ($5.00)
  • A Layperson's Guide to Current Use. SPACE revised publication 2007 ($5.00)
  • The Economic Impact of Open Space in New Hampshire. Research study funded in part by SPACE By Resource Systems Group, Inc. 1999 ($3.00)
  • Does Open Space Pay? By Philip A. Auger 1995 ($1.00)
  • Eligibility and Enrollment in New Hampshire's Current Use Taxation Program. By Eric Kingsley 1995 ($1.00 summary or $5.00 entire)
  • Methods of Taxation of Forest Land and Non-Forest or Farm Income from Land Under Current Use Assessment Programs in the United States. By Charles Niebling and Charles Levesque 1996 ($3.00)
  • New Hampshire's Current Use Program - A Study of Tax Effects in Ten New Hampshire Towns. By Brian J. Hill 1987 ($10.00)
  • Land Use Change Tax Income from Ten Selected New Hampshire Towns, 1988-1994 (LUCT). By Charles Levesque 1995 ($5.00)
  • New Hampshire's Land Use Change Tax and Who Really Pays It. By Robert Dawson 1996 ($5.00)
  • Land Use and Growth in New Hampshire - Tax Impacts of the Current Use Program, 1987. By D.E. Morris, J.D. Kline and G.E. Frick ($5.00)
  • Land Use and Growth in New Hampshire - Town Incomes from the Land Change Tax, 1980-1987. By D.E. Morris 1989 ($3.00)
  • Survey Report of Current Use Practices in New Hampshire & Executive Summary. By R. Kelly Myers 1993 ($1.00-summary; $8.00 entire report)
  • Cost of Community Services Study - Town of Exeter. By Charles Niebling 1997 ($3.00)
  • Current Use in New Hampshire: A Fourteen Year Retrospective. By D.E. Morris, G.E. Frick, R.R. Weyrick and B.J. Hill 1987 ($10.00)

Publications may be purchased by writing SPACE at 54 Portsmouth Street, Concord, NH 03301.

Other Items of Interest:

Current Use (2009-2010) Booklet , download sample here

Department of Revenue Equalization Manual , download sample here. (Word doc)

List of All NH Town 2007 taxes. DRA Report- download here (Word doc)

Town and City local directory, download here. (Excel doc)

SPACE Laypersons Guide (200&), download here
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