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Application process

Application Form A-10 provided at town office, or downloading from NHDRA.

Application to be completed and returned to the Town office by APRIL 15th. At the town officials discretion applications may be accepted after that time, but no applications will be accepted after the commissioner has approved the local tax rate for that year.

Town assessing officials will notify the applicant by JULY 1st of their decision to enroll the parcel into current use or of the denial of the application, with the reasons for denial.

A filing fee is paid at the time of application for recording the Notice of Contingent Lien at the Registry of Deeds. IF THE APPLICATION FOR ENROLLMENT IS DENIED THE FILING FEE IS REFUNDED TO THE APPLICANT. If accepted, the Notice of Contingent Lien is recorded in the Registry of Deeds by AUGUST 1st.

The Notice of Contingent Lien constitutes notice to all interested parties of the lien created upon acceptance into current use. Should the land be removed from current use, when the LAND USE CHANGE TAX is paid, a form A-5 is recorded in the Registry of Deeds and is notice that the lien created at the time the land was enrolled in current use has been satisfied and released.



Forms needed for Current Use :

A-10 Original application to be land in Current Use download here. Needs to be filed with the town by April 15th.

CU-12 Summary of Forest Stewardship Plan for Current Use Assessment, download here. Use this form if you plan to manage your forest land. You will need to contact a licensed forester to be eligible.

A-5 Land Use Change Tax form, download here. This needs to be filed with the town's assessing officials when you are taking land out of current use. Currently the tax penalty is 10% of the "ad valorem" value of the land in your town.

A-5W Town Warrant Form, download here.


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